Runaway with Faye finally completed!

Finally, after many long, depressing years, I posted the last chapter of Runaway with Faye on Wattpad! (It was actually on March 22nd, but I forgot to mention it on here. And I feel it’s worth mentioning.)

Depression makes things hard, and for some reason whenever I think of opening word documents, I fall into a state of anxiety. But since my county has a shelter-in-place order due to the Coronavirus, I had no more excuses. I mustered up the courage, and got it over and done with. Now I get to work on the somewhat sequel to it. I feel weird calling it a sequel, because Runaway with Faye is actually a prequel to this original idea I had for a story. And Runaway with Faye has a much different feel to it than its “sequel” I’m working on. But hopefully once I figure out what I’m doing in regards to the sequel, I can properly write it and then edit it so thoroughly before posting it on Wattpad, that I’d have no excuses to go months upon months without updating it. I feel bad that that had happened with Runaway with Faye, and I hope to never fall into that trap again. (Unfortunately this method means it’ll be a long time before I upload anything new on Wattpad.)

In addition to that, there’s another WIP of mine that I have a more clear idea of the plot and where it’s going. It’s also closer to finished, though I still have a ways to go on this first draft. It’s been fun to write and the feel/style/humor of it is more similar to Russell and Sal and I can’t wait to finish that up and edit and then post it.

And wow this turned out being a much longer blog post than I expected. Below is the link to anyone interested in reading Runaway with Faye. And if you’re not… thank you for at least getting to the end of this long post! 🙂


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