The Riveting Lives of Russell and Sal


A love story between an asexual slacker and a pansexual nerd.

Russell is a studious goth with a knack for following the rules. Sal is a carefree slack-off who would rather work retail than go to college. It was hate at first sight. Until they were forced to partner up in class. After their true feelings surface, Sal learns just how different he is from Russell, and all seems hopeless. How can their relationship last, if Sal is asexual? And that’s not their only problem.

Surprisingly unpredictable, The Riveting Lives of Russell and Sal is about two social outcasts that become the most unlikely couple imaginable.

I first starting writing this in 2015. For the longest time, I had joked about writing a story that contained every romance trope. And one day, I decided to start on it. This book was supposed to be one big satire. But somewhere along the way in the first draft, that changed. Several thorough edits later, I decided my hard work needed to be shared, and I discovered Wattpad. I posted it there in May of 2016. A few years later, in 2019, I had an urge to revisit it. There were a lot of things I was unhappy with, so I rewrote it. Now it’s currently up on Swoonreads.

You can read the latest and greatest version here on Swoonreads.

You can read the old version here on Wattpad.


Runaway with Faye

fsccover8 copy

In a land where magic is illegal, Faye is a homeless half-fairy, roaming the streets of Acren in search of money to steal. Until she comes across a man on the run who needs her help. Despite the man’s mysterious past, Faye follows him, in hopes of finding a better life, in a place where she doesn’t have to hide her identity. However, the journey isn’t an easy one, with King Lyon’s guards after them. And that’s just their first obstacle. Together, the half-fairy and the runaway must make their way out of Vustaria, and into Dorendi. But it turns out there’s something else in Dorendi the man has his eye on, and Faye must make a decision on where she really wants to go.

I first started writing this in 2016, and it’s still being worked on. I’ve been posting chapters on Wattpad, but it’s currently incomplete. I do have a complete draft of it that I’ve been working on currently, and I post a chapter when I feel like it’s time. It should be posted up and done with by now, except I had to take a long break from it. I was suffering from depression in the middle of it all, and lost all motivation to do anything- writing included. Eventually, I was able to get out of the situation that was the main cause of my depression, and could write again. Since I still fall into depressive slumps, progress has been slow. But I am determined to have a full, complete version of this story posted some day.

Read what I have so far here on Wattpad.