I feel like I should start keeping a blog. Since I have a habit of falling into depressive episodes that cause me not to write anything, and then my motivation to write comes back months later, but then it’s hard because my skills are rusty since the only writing I had been doing is writing the occasional email at work. Also, it seems like keeping a blog is something a lot of writers do.

But I don’t know how to start this off, or what to even write in it. I mean, I actually used to have a blog on Xanga, which is an ancient blogging site popular in the mid-2000’s and now nobody uses it. I always used mine as a sort of public diary where I’d just talk about what happened that day. Or ramble on about random stuff. I could do that with this one but, eh. My days aren’t all that exciting. But maybe I could ramble about things when I think of something to ramble on about. And obviously, I’d at some points give news about my writing. But what will probably happen is, I’ll forget all about this and this particular post will sit here, all by its lonesome self.

We shall see what happens. Check back next week. Or month. Or year. Or decade…


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